Our Insulated Rolling Steel Doors combine energy efficiency with structural strength and durability .

The material is made aluminum alloy . It is insulated and are ideal in environment where you want to reduce air and sound infiltration .

It is equipped with 370 watts motor with remote control functions. Flexible vinyl, rubber guides are installed to completely seal the door against the elements. 

Aluminum Insulated Roll-Up Doors are specifically manufactured to fit openings that are too small for a regular Aluminum Roll-Up Door, or openings that are designed to be counter. They can also meet a diversity of commercial and institutional application requirements. Door can be obtained in anodized or powder coated aluminum, and can be motor, chain hoist, crank or manually operated. Some possible applications include, but are not limited to, hospital counters, pass windows at kitchens cafeterias, post office windows, ticket offices, and check rooms.